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What is the Secret to Balancing Writing and Marketing?

By Anne Hill
I don’t mean just for a day, or a weekend, or a month when you find you have some spare time. I’m talking about over the long haul—from the moment you start writing something you are passionate about to the day, years later, when you finally become an “overnight success.”

Maybe you are one of the lucky few who are disciplined writers, experts at time management, enjoy social media, and love writing promo copy as much as your next big novel. If you are, then please introduce yourself because I don’t know ANY authors for whom all of this comes easy.

Fortunately there are ways to do this without possessing superpowers, and that is the subject of my upcoming workshop Thursday Feb. 13 from 9-12, in conjunction with the San Francisco Writers Conference. This pre-conference workshop is open to the public, and you need not register for the entire conference to attend.

Called “Being an Author for the Long Haul: How to Balance Writing and Marketing,” the workshop will show you how to:

• Develop an authentic voice for marketing without losing yourself
• Create a marketing plan that includes taking care of yourself
• Find one or two social media outlets that leverage your strengths, and ignore the rest
• Use the lure of curiosity and generosity rather than hard-sell tactics to attract and engage followers
• Generate a workday “flow” that allows you to effortlessly slip between writing and marketing

If you are interested in joining me for this session, register now at http://sfwriters.org/2014-pre-and-post-conference-classes/ . I will be speaking at the conference as well, but am looking forward to going into greater depth in this longer session. I hope to see many of you there!

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