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Becky Geist Announces New Monthly Audiology Award Contest


BAIPA member Becky Geist is excited to announce that the Book Audiologist Award Contest is OPEN!  For authors or publishers of children’s books, if the book is published and in distribution — but there’s no audio book yet — this is PERFECT.  Finalists selected EVERY WEEK.  Becky asks that you help spread the word!  More info at:

Literary Agent Peter Beren Strikes 4-Book Deal

Literary Agent Peter Beren Strikes 4-Book Deal with Insight Editions

BAIPA member, Literary Agent Peter Beren, representing authors Warren Dotz and Masud Husain, has struck a 4-book deal with San Rafael’s Insight Editions.  The first two titles are Dogfood for Thought and Catfood for Thought, full-color gift books combining vintage pet food labels with witty and inspirational quotes from celebrities and literary figures.  The two other titles are, More Mr. Product and a revised edition of Meet Mr. Product, full-color showcases of advertising art.

Peter Beren, Literary Agent and Publishing Consultant,,

Hot off the Press!


With the recent publication of The Dead Butterflies Diary, Sandy Baker once again combines her passions for gardening and writing into a children’s book, her third in the circle of kids’ gardening books with a plot.


What’s a good detective story without a body? This time it’s butterflies, and Betsy is determined to find out who the culprit is. With her magnifying glass and camera in hand and little sister Me-Too tagging behind, she does indeed find out “who done it.”


Dead Butterflies is a 32-page, 8” x 10” soft-bound picture book, perfect for 5-10-year- olds, at home or school. Included are a glossary, best butterfly flowers, Betsy’s texting abbreviations, and her tips for growing one’s own butterfly garden.


The Dead Butterflies Diary lists for $9.95 at using PayPal or snail mail. Either way, you get an autographed copy. It will be available on Amazon in early August.

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