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Make Your Own News

Make Your Own NewsMake Your Own News

If you are looking to build your status as an expert and build your author platform, write and publish a news release every week.

It can be an article about you, your expertise, an aspect of your book, the research you did before writing it, or you can look for an angle that ties in to a bigger story or event.


To gain traction, you will want to practice some or all of the following tips:

  • Write and publish an article/news story every week.
  • Be consistent.
  • Be persistent.
  • Share your news on your blog.
  • Send it out via an email newsletter.
  • Tie your story to a bigger event or breaking news story.

Where Can You Publish a News Release

The number one spot is on your own website, but if you want traffic you also want to look at distributing your news article. Here is a selection of online sites where you can publish your news: